Rocktape Knee Caps Reviews

What Are Knee Caps?

Rocktape Knee Caps
Rocktape Knee Caps

If you are a professional sportsman or woman, or just an average person doing daily physical exercise and your knees are continuously worked up in the process, then you certainly need some protective gear. Knee caps are one of the most commonly used protection gear for athletes.

Benefits of Knee Caps

The main objective of knee cap is to prevent any injury from falling or collision. Additionally, Knee caps reduce the chances of injury or risk of damage. It can absorb most of the intense pressure created from jumping, running or by weight-lifting on a daily basis. The compressibility of knee caps allow for better blood flow which helps to reduce pain. It provides a mechanical support for the knee, giving extra feelings of comfort.

Use of Knee Caps

People, who are used to lifting a heavy loads or weightlifters, put a lot of pressure on their knees. After a certain period of time, various knee disorders start to ache up. According to a survey, 5% people in the US have artificial knees. So, regular physical stress and athletic activities must include the use of knee caps. Any type of activity that might put your knees vulnerable to injuries should involve the use of knee caps. Otherwise you might end up with a long term injury.

rocktape knee caps review

Rocktape Knee Caps are very good types of kneecaps available on the market. Ranging from $19.49 – $166.60, it offers both quality and affordability. Rocktape Knee Caps are designed for compressibility, stability and warmth- basic qualities required for kneecaps. It will provide the much needed protection during Deadlifts, squats and pistols. It has heat sealed seams that accounts for better contouring. It supports VMO* with its added height.

Rocktape Knee Caps have a neoprene thickness of 5mm or 7 mm. It provides stability to the knees during heavy lifting. The added height of Rocktape Knee Caps helps to compress vastus medialis oblique (VMO). It has a suitable blood-flow promoting ability to reduce pain. The warmth of the knee caps provide extra bit of comfort to the user.

Sold in pairs, the red colored knee caps are available in various sizes. In order to determine the appropriate size of the knee caps you need to buy, you will have to measure the perimeter of your leg around the center of the patella. The size categories are,

  • Extra small: at 11.5” and below
  • Small: from 11.5″ to 13.5″
  • Medium: from 13.5″ – 14.5″
  • Large: from 14.5 to 15.5″
  • Extra-large: at 15.5″ and above

rocktape knee sleeves

*VMO, otherwise known as the vastus medialis oblique, is one of four quadriceps muscles of our body located on the inner section of the front thigh. This is the lowest part of the vastus medialis. Full extension of the muscles leads to maximum contraction of VMO. It plays an important role in the stabilization of the patella. Proper tracking of the patella depends on the functioning of the VMO. So, additional support for VMO is very helpful for the lower part of our body.

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