SkaterTrainer 2.0

Well, I like to skateboard. In school, all the cool kids like to skateboard. It’s a lot of fun and all the girls dig guys who skateboard well.

I wanted to learn to and I got a new skateboard. My dad gave it to me on my 15th birthday. I would go around the park on my skateboard. I would fall but then get up. I would wake up early and skateboard in my driveway. I was really trying hard. After two months, I still couldn’t manage a kick flip. I felt like a failure.

skatertrainer 2.0

I even tried asking some of the older guys in the skateboard park to teach. They would tell me to keep my balance, keep my head straight. I tried all of that. I tried for another month and then decided to quit.

One day, I was walking by the store and I saw Skatetrainer 2.0. I went inside the store and saw the benefits. It really seems like a cool idea. The guy at the store said he learnt skateboarding by buying this product. He even did a kickfip in front of me. He asked me to try and wow, I did my first kickflip in months! On Skatetrainer 2.0!

I was so happy. I persuaded my dad to buy me this. He was unhappy that I wanted another gift after my birthday. But seeing how much I loved skateboarding, my dad decided to buy it for me.

We went to the store and bought it for $24. I came back home and started doing tricks all the time. I was doing kick flips easily. I started doing tictacs, roll ons with the Skatetrainer 2.0. I impressed all the guys in school. Even the girls loved me. That’s when I decided to write this review.


Here’ what I liked about Skatetrainer 2.0:

1. Can Do Tricks Anywhere

I started doing tricks with the Skateboard on the driveway. But seeing how less of a space it required, I started doing it in the garage, basement and sometimes even in my bedroom. I could do it practically anywhere. One time, no one was home and my mom had to go to the dentist’s. She took me with her. I decided to take Skatetrainer 2.0 and my skateboard with me. In the waiting room, I did nearly 50 kick flips by the time mom was done. It was so much fun.

I did not waste time and could learn skateboarding absolutely anywhere.

2. See results immediately

The best thing about Skatetrainer 2.0 is that you will see results immediately. I used this the first time at the store. The guys at the store showed it to me. The first attempt I put it on, I did a kickflip. This is after I couldn’t do kickflips for 3 months!
I now realize why I quit skateboarding. It was too hard. Even after guidance and trying hard, I couldn’t do it. I can only understand how many kids my age quit skateboarding. We just don’t have the right tutor. With Skatetrainer 2.0, we can finally have someone who can teach us how to skateboard.

3. The material is really strong

I’ve done kickflips and landed on the SkateTrainer 2.0. I was worried it might break. The person at the Store promised it would last a long time. It really did. I’ve been using it for 6 months and SkateTrainer 2.0 has no breaks. The material has still held up really well.
I was really worried I might break it after a lot of usage. But that hasn’t happened. I am really confident of the material. It has been manufactured with great quality. It really is my money’s worth. It’s a great product I recommend to every kid.

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