The Short Review of WASING 55L Backpack

Wasing 55L Backpack
Wasing 55L Backpack

I bought the WASING 55L Backpack for Outdoor Hiking &Travel. I love hiking and the outdoors. I’ve used other brands such as Switchgear before on a hiking trip in the Andes. It is comfortable but on a recent hiking trip in the Rockies, I took the Wasing Backpack. A friend recommended me and I thought I should give it a try.

I hate to admit it. As much as I like my Switchgear, Wasing’s Backpack beats it.

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Great Forward Buckle Strap:

I love the design, it is sturdy. I also love the fact that Wasing has a forward buckle to support. While climbing cliffs, I’ve had Switchgear and other backpacks’ buckle get loose. But Wasing has not had a single instance like that. It is a compact and reliable backpack.

Better Airflow Channels:

review of wasing 55l backpackWasing has brilliant Airflow Channels. At my many times, I take my shirt off during hiking. I still have the backpack on. The sweat will really make backpacks soggy and smelly. I didn’t notice that with Wasing’s Backpack. The Airflow from the inside is great I feel like I can wear it for really long periods of time- 5-6 hours minimum. I don’t feel an itch to take it off.

Also the Airflow preserves the food on the inside. I carry fruits like apples, bananas and in Wasing’s backpack, they’ve been better preserved- even better than in Switchgear.

The Water Resistance Works:

I’ve tested the Waterproof properties of Wasing’s Backpack. It is above par. I’ve carried several maps inside my backpack during rains or walking through river trails. I’ve got my backpack wet. But my maps have been well taken care of inside the Wasing Backpack. I still remember on my trip to the Rockies when I used Wasing’s Backpack. It started raining and I got completely drenched. I had to wait under a cliff for quite a few hours. When it stopped, I had to refer my map. I opened my backpack and well, my maps were just as I had kept them. No trace of any soakiness.

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