Whitetailr ScentPURGE 270+ Odor Eliminator

whitetail'r odor eliminator

When I bought the Whitetailr Odor Eliminator, my family & I suffered from bad odor in the neighborhood. Our house was close to a waste processing plant. There were no two ways about it. Either we left the house or learnt to deal with the smell.

I couldn’t find a new place to live because of the financial crisis. Our money levels were low. To live with the smell, I decided to try Whitetailr Odor Eliminator.

I have used purifiers before in my car and they are quite good. But, Whitetailr was something different. It was much more effective.

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Here’ what I liked about Whitetailr Odor Eliminator:

1.  Reach of Perfume

Whitetailr has a reach of over 400 feet! That’s one of the furthest reaches of any Odor Eliminator. My kids and my wife could smell it in our bedrooms while we installed the product in our living room. The smell from the waste processing plant went away and was no longer stronger. This product has been a lifesaver. It has allowed us to stay in our house & not move out. This $100 product has saved over hundreds of thousands of dollars of buying a new house.

We can finally live in our house and be peaceful and happy.

2. Easy to Use

This came with a 12 Volt Power supply and didn’t require much effort to start itself. I plugged it in in the living room and it turned on. Within 30 minutes, I could feel the air get fresh. It added its own smell of perfume – I could identify it as Jasmine.

I still do not need any extra effort. It runs on its own. As long as there is power supply, it keeps working without a hitch. I sometimes work in the basement for projects I bring from work. I have at times even shifted it to the basement. I used it down there and there were no problems. Simple and easy to use.

3. No Malfunctions

Whitetailr Odor Eliminator is a long runner for me. It has had no problems. I have not contacted the company for any repairs. It’s a sturdy product that works on its own. Zero hassles. My wife and kids are very happy that I bought it. They still talk about how much our lives have improved. The smell from the waste processing plant has gone!

It’s like we live in a different house. I wish I know of this product before, & I do recommend it.

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